Noroozi PC is among a small set of elite intellectual property firms that simultaneously practice before the International Trade Commission, Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, Patent Trial and Appeal Board, and federal district courts. The firm’s breadth, depth, and success record is particularly unique in light of its size. Because we are constantly involved in matters before every major patent litigation forum in the nation, we continually refine strategies for navigating the increasingly complex paths patent matters can take from inception through resolution.



Noroozi PC represents leading technology companies as plaintiffs and defendants in trials of commercial significance that involve many of the world’s largest corporations and law firms.

The firm is currently lead trial counsel to a pioneering, private-equity backed LED company in connection with three trials at the International Trade Commission, and more than a dozen offensive and defensive matters in district courts nationwide.

The firm has also successfully represented Conversant Wireless in its jury trial against LG in connection with declared standard-essential wireless communication patents invented by Nokia.

The firm’s attorneys have also represented leading technology companies in numerous other trials before the ITC and district courts involving a diverse range of technologies.

In addition to its robust patent litigation practice, the firm undertakes other high-profile matters of commercial significance, including trademark litigation, trade secret litigation, breach of contract disputes, entertainment disputes, and business torts.


Noroozi PC is highly experienced in appellate matters, with particular depth before the Federal Circuit. Since 2017, the firm has handled more than fifteen Federal Circuit appeals and presented numerous oral arguments, repeatedly achieving highly successful and precedential outcomes.

For instance, in Core Wireless Licensing S.A.R.L. v. LG Electronics, Inc., 880 F.3d 1356 (Fed. Cir. 2018), Noroozi PC obtained a precedential opinion upholding the subject matter eligibility of two software graphical user interface patents. The case fully affirmed the district court's judgment of infringement and not invalidity. The decision has since been widely cited by courts, policymakers, and commentators, including by the Patent and Trademark Office in a memorandum to patent examiners.

In Wireless Protocol Innovations, Inc. v. TCT Mobile, Inc., 771 F. App’x 1012 (Fed. Cir. 2019), Noroozi PC obtained a reversal and remand of the PTAB’s conclusion of unpatentability, persuading the Federal Circuit to overrule the PTAB on two separate grounds and to reverse the Board’s claim construction. The decision represents one of very few instances in which the Federal Circuit has reversed the PTAB’s decision of unpatentability.


Noroozi PC is widely recognized as one of the nation’s leading firms in the defense of technology patents in inter partes review proceedings before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board.

The firm has handled more than 60 inter partes review proceedings across a wide range of technologies, repeatedly achieving highly favorable outcomes of non-institution and complete success on final written decision. Notably, Noroozi PC’s IPR success rates have remained significantly above market averages despite the rapid growth of its practice.

The firm’s anomalous IPR success rates are due in part to the pioneering strategies it has developed. For instance, in NetApp v. Realtime, the firm obtained the first-ever decision extending the General Plastic doctrine to denial of institution of a second petition brought by a different petitioner. The Patent Office has since cited NetApp v. Realtime as guidance to Administrative Law Judges and practitioners in its Trial Practice Guide.

As another example, Noroozi PC obtained more than 100 amended claims in Apple v. Realtime, which at the time represented one of only six fully successful amendment efforts in more than 2,800 IPRs.